Cattle in the Eastern Cape suffer TB outbreak

احشام در آفريقای جنوبی از سل گاوی رنج می برند.

There has been an outbreak of Tuberculosis (TB) in the Eastern Cape. Four farms belonging to one farmer have been placed under quarantine. Hundreds of TB infected cattle from the Tsitsikamma in the Eastern Cape are being slaughtered.

Every two years dairy cows are routinely tested for TB. This time round, they tested positive. There is no cure for the disease in animals,
they are now being culled at the Eastern Province Livestock Agency abattoir in Port Elizabeth.

Tissue samples have been sent to Onderstepoort to determine the strain. TB affects mainly the lungs, but it can also spread.

Werner Kruger, a state veterinarian said:" What I've seen is that the spread of the disease was very severe and rapid because most of their lungs were infected, about 75%, whereas the carcasses itself only about four per cent were directly affected, so I think the infection itself hasn't been around for long, possibly within the past year."

TB can be transmitted through unpasteurised milk. This airborne disease can easily spread to other cattle. More than 300 infected animals have already been slaughtered. Another 150 will be culled next week.

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